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What is Numerology ?


Numerology is based on the Science of Numbers developed by the Greek mathematician, Pythagoras. Numerology uses two pieces of information specific to you, and you alone - your name and your birth date - and opens up fascinating avenues of insight and self-awareness into who you are, where you've been and where you're going.  Jean Simpson takes your information, does multiple calculations, and reveals what the Universe has in store for you.


Every letter of the alphabet, A to Z, has a corresponding numeric value from 1 to 9.  Jean Simnpson's Hot Numbers system focuses on the positive, or 'hot' side of the numbers.


The full, exact name on your birth certificate reveals your characteristics, talents, heart's desires and reveals how you are perceived by others. The combination of letters in your given name determines your Name, Heart and Personality Numbers.


Your birth date is like a traffic signal, and answers questions about timing. Your birthday also tells you when to go full-steam ahead, when to proceed with caution, and when to stop, look and listen.  Your birth date provides the numbers for your Lessons, Personal Years, Personal Months, and Personal Days.


How Can Numerology Help You ?


The possibilities are infinite when it comes to how numerology can be useful.  While we all have control over our ultimate destiny, understanding the secrets hidden in your name and birthday can point the way and give you direction. Numerology is like a beacon that sheds light on confusion and turmoil. Knowing your unique numbers can enhance your success and multiply your happiness.


Perhaps you're seeking insight into better understanding yourself, your loved ones, and your friends or co-workers.  Maybe you'd like to understand more about your past, or are at a crossroads and want to make wise decisions in your present, and may even want to gain a glimpse into your future. 


Are you searching for answers in love, health, and career? Is your current love relationship worth repairing or is it time to move on? Should you buy a new car or repair the one you have?  What about the people in your life - would you like to understand them better? When is the best day to get married?  When is the ideal time to get pregnant?  What is the perfect name for your baby?  


For example, is it the right time to learn new job skills?  Should you look for another job or simply change your attitude and stay put?  Should you start a new business venture, have a business partner, or work solo? What should you name your business and what telephone number should you choose to increase business? What influence does a vanity license plate have on your success?


And what about your home? Should you buy or rent?  Is it the right time to move? Should you choose a home by the address? When's the best time to remodel?


Perhaps it's time to consult Jean Simpson!   Jean can guide you in your career choices, help you understand co-workers and bosses, and help you make business decisions.  Over the years, Jean has worked with thousands of clients, showing each of them how numerology can guide their lives and help determine which path to follow. Jean will listen gently, and hand you the key to unlock the door to your future.


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