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One of the nation's ten most accurate psychics.

The Star


One of the four most creative women in America.

Ladies' Home Journal Magazine


Quickly and effortlessly discover the pluses and minuses of how the people and events in your life add up, and how to stay one jump ahead.   No two ways about it, Jean Simpson does it one better.

Dennis Fairchild,

Professional astrologer and Detroit's Best Psychic


The numbers never lie and neither does numerologist Jean Simpson. So fasten your seat belts and get ready for the most enlightening and fascinating reading of your life.

Karma Welch,

Columnist, author, numerologist, and professional astrologer certified by the American Federation of Astrologers


Jean Simpson is a multi-talented lady. Her "joie de vivre" and intuitiveness are incredible.

Nora O'Leary,

Family Circle Magazine


Our passengers love Jean Simpson and her numerology lectures. Our gangway is always open to her.

Captain Terence E. Russell, RNR, MNI

Princess Cruises


Jean Simpson's creative zeal, combined with high levels of energy, chart new paths of self-understanding and self-growth.

Julian Griffin, M.D.,

Diplomat, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology


Jean Simpson is always a hit at my parties.  She accurately detects and describes the professional and personality traits of my business associates.

Beverly Sassoon


Jean Simpson has brought sunshine into the lives of our participants. Her numerology readings and lectures inspire and give hope.

Patsy Dibert,

Entertainment Director, Longevity Center


In a few minutes, Jean Simpson comes up with the same predictions that take me hours of calculations.

Robert Frank,

Professional Astrologer


When my husband was in a coma and not even the doctors were giving me any hope, Jean Simpson told me to 'hang in there because things would get better after his next birthday.  Though I am a skeptic, and in spite of my religious upbringing, I held on to this one thread of hope during those long months. And do you know, my husband's birthday was the very day that he opened his eyes for the first time.

Carol O'Grady,



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